Friday, 18 February 2011

Are we being warned against EMR?

In any walk of life, there will always be trouble makers and demagogues; people who excel and thrive on creating panic, instilling fear and sowing the seeds of discord. Whether they do this purely out of spite and malice, or because they have some angle to play and so they seek to promote their own selfish interests, the end result is the same. Truth is distorted, panic is endemic and people struggle to come to terms with the reality of what they are hearing.
Take for example the topic of Are we being warned against EMR? For those of us who are not familiar with the term, EMR is the abbreviated form of Electro Magnetic Radiation. As the name would indicate, it consists of both electrical and magnetic fields and EMR is present in a multitude of different items that are to be found in our daily routine including cellphones and televisions.
Part of the problem with regards to answering the question “Are we being warned against EMR?” is that there is a fine line between actually raising awareness about the dangers and risks associated with EMR, and creating a wide and public panic.
Are we being warned against EMR? Yes, we are. However, it would seem that it is exactly the wrong kind of people who are the most vocal and expressive when it comes to informing people. Is this reflective of corrupt practises and an almighty breach of the code of conduct of the medical profession, the very people who should care for us? Actually, no.
The medical community has done its level best at informing people about EMR and the potential issues that are connected to it….in a factual, objective manner which is and has been, strongly supported with credible evidence.
Therefore, the fact that they are conducting public enquiries, demanding that the government does more about the issue and pushing for warning labels to be issued on all household appliances as to the potential dangers of EMR should tell us something very important. Which is we ask? There is nothing to fear, and we must be reasonable in our concerns. 

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