Friday, 18 February 2011

Why Electrical Engineers should check EMR?

Tragically, in many lines of work and employment, a person will effectively receive a salary in exchange for them providing a service of sorts; and in many cases, the employee will be exposed to a number of different risks. Whenever this topic is raised, there is a tendency among people to focus squarely on the more extreme and obvious examples of work-related risks, such as the risk of dismemberment for a lumberjack, or death and disability for a soldier in a combat based situation.

However, even electrical engineers must contend with a near daily threat to their health and long term wellbeing: electromagnetic radiation, which is commonly abbreviated to EMR. EMR has been proven to significantly increase the risk of cancer and the onset of a number of neurological based disorders and dysfunctions including the likes of Alzheimer’s, dementia and senility.

Most worrying of all is the fact that EMR is totally invisible and undetectable to the five human senses and so this has meant that because humans cannot detect directly by our own resources, this means that we have become complacent about the risks involved.

One of the major ways in which EMR poses a risk to the health of electrical engineers has been due to the fact that they emit electric fields which in turn have been proven to pose a risk of inflicting dielectric heating.
In short, dielectric heating is whereby the water retained within tissue is heated to such a high temperature that it evaporates completely thereby causing the surrounding tissue to shrink and warp. For this reason, electrical engineers who work in close proximity to the likes of antenna or a high power transmitter can suffer from very painful burns that manifest themselves both internally and externally.

Ultimately, it is electrical engineers who will be at the very forefront of developing practical and workable methods of mitigating the worst effects of EMR, so that we can finally move away from our overreliance upon such dangerous methods and technology. It is through their efforts that we can finally ensure that we can safely use our daily products.  

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