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Is this Invisible Product of Technology Harming You?

Electromagnetic Fields and Electromagnetic Radiation
Although many people don’t realize it, a significant amount of human function depends on very subtle electrical currents and electromagnetic fields that are naturally generated by the earth and our own bodies. Electromagnetic fields have a significant influence on our cells, and in turn, the function of critical organs and glands. Unfortunately, many of our modern technological innovations are bombarding us with an alarming amount of unnatural electromagnetic fields that can interfere with these functions and have a significant impact on our health without us even realizing it.

Our heart and brain are just two examples of critical organs that are influenced by electromagnetic fields. In fact, it can be said that every aspect of human function is impacted in some way by electromagnetism, and it doesn’t take much for such an impact to occur. Considering the tremendous amount of electromagnetic radiation that’s produced by modern technology, this is a significant concern.
A Basic Explanation of Electromagnetic Fields
Electromagnetic fields are in my opinion one of the most complicated and difficult to understand subjects relating to our health. However, considering the tremendous impact that they can have, it’s important to at least have a basic understanding of electricity and magnetism.
An electric field exists between any two objects that have a difference in charge. If these objects are connected with some type of conductive material, the difference in charge will produce a current of electrons or ions that will flow from one object to the other. Similar to the concept of an electric field, a magnetic field exists between the north and south poles of a magnet. However, even without magnetic material, the mere existence of electrical current produces a magnetic field. In combination, the electric and magnetic fields make up what is known as an electromagnetic field which produces waves of energy called electromagnetic radiation.
Just as electrical current creates a magnetic field, changes in a magnetic field create current. As such, wherever there’s electrical current, there will also be a magnetic field, and wherever there’s a changing magnetic field, there will also be current. In either case, the result will be an electromagnetic field that produces electromagnetic radiation. Anything that uses electricity or produces a wireless communication signal will produce an electromagnetic field. Some common examples include appliances, electronics, power lines, cell phones and cell towers, and radio broadcasting.
Electromagnetism and the Human Body
Some of the amazing research done by Dr. Robert Becker, an expert in the field of biological electricity and regeneration, has proven that small electrical currents travel throughout the human body, particularly through nerve fibers. Based on this, we also know that the body produces its own electromagnetic fields which have been shown to be an important part of its natural communication system and have a significant influence on our physiological function.
Because the earth is a giant magnet, it produces a natural magnetic field which happens to protect us from the sun’s most intense and deadly radiation. Because this radiation causes the earth’s magnetic field to continuously change, it produces a significant amount of electrical current which leads to the creation of an electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field is constantly changing as well and is a part of nature that many forms of life have become dependent upon, including us. In fact, it’s believed that the earth’s changing electromagnetic field is the basis of our circadian rhythm.
The amazing navigational abilities of many animals, especially birds, are dependent on the earth’s magnetic field. Trees and plants are directly influenced by this natural field as well. The pineal glands of many vertebrates, including us, have been found to contain a magnetic substance called magnetite. Because this substance is very responsive to electromagnetic fields, this discovery has led many experts to believe that the pineal gland is primarily what allows the brain and the rest of the body body to be influenced by external fields. The pineal gland produces a number of important hormones and neurotransmitters including melotonin, serotonin, and dopamine which have a significant influence on sleep, immunity, and mood. As such, electromagnetic fields can have a tremendous impact on these aspects of wellbeing, and in turn, lead to significant health consequences.
Unfortunately, much of the technology that exists today produces a tremendous amount of electromagnetic radiation, and the majority of this radiation occurs in frequencies and intensities that have never existed in nature. This can affect all life on earth in more ways than most of us realize. The magnetic polarity of the earth has reversed a number of times throughout history, and each reversal has been associated with major extinctions. It’s believed that we’re currently approaching another reversal and it’s quite possible that we’ve initiated it ourselves through the advent of modern technology and the tremendous amount of unnatural electromagnetic radiation that it’s introduced to the atmosphere.
A Constant Source of Stress
Most people think of stress as mental frustration, but it’s really much more than that. A wide variety of influences, both physical and mental, can invoke the physiological stress response which impairs restorative functions such as immunity and digestion in favor of energy production and anything else that will help us survive what the body perceives as a threat to survival. Although the immune system is initially suppressed by stress, it becomes more active than normal once the stress dissipates. As such, chronic stress can overstimulate the immune system on a regular basis and result in weakened immunity and an increased susceptibility to infection and disease. It can also overwhelm the adrenal glands and lead to adrenal fatigue.
A number of animal studies have shown that electromagnetic fields of varying frequencies and intensities can invoke the stress response. This may very well be the case for us as well. Although we many not feel it, the electromagnetic radiation that we’re exposed to on a daily basis could be putting our bodies in a continuous state of stress.
Impaired Sleep and Immunity
Sleep is when the body makes the most effort to recover from the considerable amount of damage and strain caused by the chaotic pace of modern life and the unhealthy characteristics of the typical modern lifestyle. The hormone melatonin facilitates this repair by provoking the body to fall into a deep and restorative sleep. Melatonin is also a strong antioxidant that supports our immunity by protecting us from free radical damage and contributing to the destruction of cancer cells.
Electromagnetic fields have been shown to suppress melatonin production, most likely by influencing the function of the pineal gland. Because of the importance of sleep and immune function, this can greatly increase the risk of a number of health issues including cancer. In addition, electromagnetic fields can impair immune function directly, and as mentioned earlier, can also impair it by causing chronic stress. In combination, these effects have a tremendous potential to weaken the immune system considerably.
Mental Dysfunction
By associating the occurrence of magnetic storms with the behavior and admittance of psychiatric patients, Dr. Robert Becker was able to find a convincing correlation between mental function and disruptions in the earth’s natural electromagnetic field. Dr. Jose Delgado, a Spanish neurophysiologist, took this a step further by showing the ability to manipulate the behavior of both animals and humans with the targeted use of electromagnetic radiation. Based on these findings, it’s evident that electromagnetic fields have the potential to increase the risk of mental dysfunction. Even more frightening is the possibility of electromagnetism being used for the purpose of mind control which the military is believed to be actively researching.
Serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, and acetylcholine are some of the more prominent neurotransmitters that can have a significant influence on mood and behavior. In addition to the levels of these neurotransmitters being closely related to diet, research has shown that they can also be impacted by electromagnetic fields. Imbalances of these neurotransmitters can cause depression, apathy, fatigue, violence, and even lead to suicide.
Flawed Cell Division, Cancer, and Birth Defects
Cell division is one of the most basic functions of life, but is an extremely important process that our health depends on. At any given time, many of our trillions of cells are dividing to produce replacements for old cells. If this process is compromised in any way, the results could be disastrous.
Cell division is a particularly important part of human reproduction. Unfortunately, electromagnetic fields have been shown to damage both the reproductive germ cells of parents as well as developing embryo cells. This damage is associated with infertility, birth defects, and abnormal development. As such, electromagnetic fields are a significant concern with childbirth regardless of whether it’s the parents or the child that’s exposed.
One of the most notorious effects of impaired cell division is the occurrence and proliferation of cell mutations and the resulting development of cancer. Numerous epidemiological studies have linked electromagnetic fields of varying frequencies and intensities to multiple forms of cancer including brain cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, and melanoma.
Despite the gloom associated with most research done on electromagnetic fields, some of it has been inspiring. In particular, a number of researchers have provided good reason to believe that cancer cells can be induced to dedifferentiate into embryo cells and then differentiate back into normally functioning and cancer free cells. As promising as this is, it defies modern dogma, and as such, research continues to be focused on highly toxic methods such as chemotherapy that destroy healthy cells along with the cancer cells.
The Politics of Electromagnetic Fields
It seems that many of the health risks that are characteristic of modern life are often driven by politics. The unnatural electromagnetic fields created by modern technology may very well be the most blatant and unfortunate example of this. Because electromagnetism is a very complicated subject, developing reasonable safety standards has been a considerable challenge. In fact, the American safety standards are much more lenient than those of other countries and are considered by many experts to be highly inadequate. Many industries are taking advantage of this and the government is allowing it to happen.
Our national security is very much dependent on the communication and sensing abilities that are made possible by electromagnetic radiation. Even though these defense systems may pose a threat to our health, any information that justifies such a concern presents a serious problem. Because of this, many scientists who have studied the negative health effects of electromagnetic fields have been defamed, ridiculed, and deprived of funding. In fact, it took a considerable amount of time before the U.S. government would even acknowledge the thought of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation being potentially harmful. However, as Dr. Robert Becker states, it would be very naive to assume that the military hasn’t used the harmful potential of electromagnetic radiation for the development of weapons.
While other countries, such as Sweden and Russia, have taken a conservative stance in regard to electromagnetic radiation and assumed that any type of electromagnetic field that differs from what exists in nature is likely to pose health risks, the United States has basically taken the opposite approach. As a result, we’re left with very weak safety standards and a tremendous amount of potentially dangerous exposure.
Be Informed, not Frightened
All of the health issues described above have been associated with the electromagnetic fields that are commonly produced by much of the modern technology that surrounds us every day. Among the many sources of electromagnetic radiation, this includes electrical power lines, communication signals for cell phones, broadcast signals for television, radio, and satellite, and even the appliances and electronics that we use at home and at work. Sadly, the entire planet is exposed to electromagnetic fields that have never existed in nature. Although you might find this to be quite unsettling like I do, it won’t do any good to get upset. What’s important is to is to be informed and do as much as you can to minimize your risk.
To learn more, there are three books that I highly recommend. Electromagnetic Fields by B. Blake Levitt provides a well rounded explanation of what electromagnetic fields are, how they effect us, where they come from, the politics and research surrounding them, and what we can do to avoid them.
Cross Currents by Robert Becker MD gives a thorough explanation of how we naturally depend on electromagnetism as well as the negative effects of unnatural electromagnetic fields and the research surrounding them. This book also provides an interesting discussion of the role of electromagnetism in energy medicine.
Finally, The Body Electric, also by Dr. Becker, covers in great detail the amazing research that he did on regeneration and electromagnetism. It also clearly depicts the corruption and bias that plagues modern research.

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