Friday, 18 February 2011

Tips to protect ourselves from EMR

They say that ignorance is bliss and that the man who increases in knowledge, will also increase in sorrow. This has been eloquently demonstrated by virtue of the breakthroughs in science that have now allowed us to be better informed and more aware as to the inherent dangers caused by, and associated with, radiation .

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is now finally being recognised by health agencies and government bodies across the world as being a serious public health issue, and so, slowly but surely there are steps being taken to adjust and remedy the situation. Unfortunately, the progress that they may make is extremely slow indeed and this is caused by a variety of reasons although it would be fair to say that the root cause of these interferences are all related to cost issues.

The following is intended as Tips to protect ourselves from EMR.
  1. Minimise your exposure to EMR. Instead of using a cathode ray tube based computer monitor, make use of the new, more energy efficient and safer LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors as the level of EMR they emit is minimal.
  2. Use Ethernet cables for your internet access as opposed to the wireless cards/routers.
  3. When using a computer, whether it happens to be at home or at work, make sure that you sit a minimum distance of 6 metres AWAY from the computer.
  4. Refrain from using a microwavable oven to cook: make use of a conventional oven or other, alternate means of cooking the food you eat.
  5. Using a EMR detector, measure the level of radiation that each of your electrical appliances emit. Some electrical appliances are still capable of emitting the harmful EMR radiation rays even when they have been turned off, if this is indeed the case, then you may wish to turn these off and unplug them to keep you safe.
  6. Severely limit and restrict your exposure to cell phones. Specifically, keep the device turned off for as long as possible, and ensure that you only ever use it in actual emergencies.
  7. If you are purchasing or renting residential property, ensure that it is as far away from a phone mast as possible.   

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