Thursday, 10 February 2011

Trifield 100XE

Trifield 100xe emf/elf meterTrifield 100XE ---- $149 (free shipping)
Magnetic/Electric/RF field meter
Trifield ® Meter measures all three types of electromagnetic field: AC magnetic field, AC electric field, and radio (including microwaves). The magnetic and electric detectors are 3-axis, making the meter easier to use than comparable 1-axis meter.

This meter is the only one which combines magnetic, electric, and radio/microwave detectors in one package.

  • Detects the three type of electromagnetic pollution: AC magnetic fields, AC electric fields, and radio/microwaves.
  • AC magnetic and electric fields are 3-axis, allowing quick accurate readings regardless of meter orientation.
  • Two magnetic ranges cover 0.2-100 milligauss.
  • This is sufficiently sensitive to detect the background field almost anywhere (except for from civilization), while measuring up to very strong AC fields.
  • Electric range covers 5-1000 V/m (or .5-100 kV/m with original version of the Trifield Meter)
  • Radio/microwave covers 10 to 1000 microwatts/square cm which includes the maximum permissible public exposure levels in all countries.
  • Operates about 40 hours on replaceable standard 9V battery, has a low battery indicator.
  • Analog (needle-type) display has very fast response time compared to digital. (However, AlphaLab also manufactures digital meters).
  • Measures AC (artificial) magnetic fields rapidly. (Does not measure DC of static fields, such as the Earth Field. Click here for other magnetic meters).
  • Measures AC electric fields rapidly, such as from overhead power lines or improperly grounded equipment. Can locate wiring in walls (using the 100XE version).
  • Measures major RF/microwave sources such as leakage from microwave ovens, or the field near cell towers. (Note that wireless internet transmitters and individual cell phone are designed to emit very little power and usually are well below international RF exposure threshold. Consequently, the Trifield Meter will only detect these it very near the source.)
AC Magnetic Fields:(3-axis; shows true magnitude)
Frequency Range:40 Hz – 100 KHz (see frequency weighting)
Accuracy @ 60 Hz (50 Hz):+/- 20% of reading
Range/Resolution (@ 60 Hz or 50 Hz):100 milligauss / 0.2 milligauss
Standard Version Frequency Weighting: 
*Sensitivity is proportional to frequency from 40 Hz to 500 Hz; flat from 500 Hz to 2000 Hz
*Sensitivity is inversely proportional to frequency from 2K Hz to 100K Hz
Flat Frequency Version:+/- 20% from 50 Hz to 500 Hz; inverse frequency above 500 Hz
AC Electric Fields:(3-axis; however, note that E-field is affected by the body position)
Frequency Range:40 Hz – 100 K Hz (see frequency weighting)
Accuracy @ 60 Hz (50 Hz):+/- 30% of reading
Range/Resolution:1000 V/m / 5 V/m (Original Version: 100 KV/m / 0.5 KV/m)
Frequency Weighting:Same as magnetic (above).
Frequency Range:50 MHz – 3000 MHz (3 GHz)
Range/Resolution:1 mW/cm2 / 0.01 mW/cm2
Accuracy:½ x to 2 x of reading
Meter Size:5.0 x 2.6 x 2.4 in (129 x 67 x 62 mm)
Weight:8 oz
Battery:9 volt alkaline (~ 40 hour life) / "Low Battery" indicator

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