Friday, 18 February 2011

EMR consideration for interior decorator

Interior designers may not be a profession that many people would automatically associated as being at the forefront of ensuring that the health and safety of homeowners is achieved and protected, but this is quickly changing at an exponential rate.

EMR consideration for interior decorator is now becoming a topic that is gathering weight and credibility, and so suggestions and policy changes that were previously dismissed as nothing more than exaggerated concerns are now regarded as standard operating practice.

EMR consideration for interior decorator
The planet Earth produces a certain amount of low intensity radiation as a natural by product, and different parts of the world will have differing concentrations of the electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, one EMR consideration for interior decorator would be to measure the various concentrations of EMR in the different rooms of the home and from there, ensure that the rooms that the homeowner will spend the most time in (such as the bedroom and kitchen) are not located in the hot zones.

An interior designer can also ensure that the actual physical layout of the home is achieved in such a way that the various EMR emitting devices are not all concentrated in one single area. By spacing them out, this means that the amount of EMR that the homeowner is exposed to any given time is significantly reduced thereby ensuring that the homeowner is able to keep their exposure below the safe minimum level.

A common source of EMR within the home is from the usage of a wireless internet router. Therefore, the interior designer can help to further reduce the amount of EMR within the home by ensuring that they provide ample room for Ethernet cabling to be placed within the home without it being too intrusive or invasive.

Given that medical studies have identified that young, developing children are especially vulnerable to the various problems and risks associated with EMR, this means that the interior designer should also give some serious consideration to ensuring that EMR hot zones are situated well away from the children’s room.

If you are a homeowner, you may balk at the idea of having to pay extra for such services. However, given the protection you are afforded, you cannot turn this down.   

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