Sunday, 27 February 2011

Electromagnetic Radiation and Your Health

Electromagnetic radiation is perhaps the most serious form of environmental pollution we face in modern times. Electromagnetic energy interacts with our bodies in powerful ways, and the effects of em radiation have profound and serious consequences for all life on our planet.


What is EM Radiation?

There are two forms of electromagnetic energy also referred to as electromagnetic fields:

  • Ionizing – such as gamma waves and which can remove electrons, creating ions
  • Non-Ionizing – which make atoms vibrate, but cannot remove electrons from atoms

Public health authorities have led us to believe that non-ionizing radiation is not harmful. In terms of human health, things are not quite that simple. Common sense and a little knowledge of how cells function tells us that this is not true!

There are both natural and man made sources of electromagnetic radiation:

  • Natural – thunderstorms, Earth’s magnetic field, geopathic stress
  • Man made – X-rays and other diagnostic equipment, electricity, radio waves, microwaves, cell phones, computers and other household appliances

There are two types of fields:

  • Electrical fields - are produced by changes in voltage
  • Magnetic fields – are produced by flow of electric current

Electromagnetic Radiation – How it Affects Us

Authorities claim that non ionizing radiation is not harmful because it cannot break chemical bonds. This is like saying that blows to the body are not harmful if they do not break the skin.
We have well over a trillion cells in the human body. Each of these has a nucleus where our DNA (the genetic blueprint for our body) resides. DNA is known to be receptive to resonant frequencies in much the same way as a radio antenna.
Cells have bioenergetic and electrical properties. The cell membranes in the mitochondria have varying electrical voltage potentials and capacitance to transport ions in and out of the cell through what is called the electron transport chain.
This is how your cells produce the energy that keeps you alive. Strong electromagnetic fields can disrupt the delicate balance of the electron transport chain and interfere with energy production in your cells.
Since DNA requires sufficient amounts of cellular energy to transmit information when our cells divide, electromagnetic radiation can cause encoding errors that may result in a cell becoming cancerous.
This is a simplistic explanation, but I think you get the picture. There are two things you want to do to protect yourself, limit your exposure to electromagnetic fields and use effective nutrition to protect yourself from the inside as well.

Detecting and Measuring EM Radiation

There are a number of instruments for measuring electromagnetic fields, such as gauss meters, and magnetometers. For our purposes, a relatively inexpensive gauss meter is sufficient.
With the gauss meter you can detect electromagnetic fields in your home and arrange your living space and it’s electrical appliances so that you are not constantly exposed to strong electrical fields that can adversely affect your body.

Nutritional Strategies

Following a healthy diet for your blood and metabolic type helps a great deal. This will keep toxins and free radicals to a minimum, alter gene expression favorably, and help keep your immune system strong to protect against DNA damage.
To this you should add an antioxidant formula, which will further protect against oxidative stress and free radicals that can result from electromagnetic energy in your environment.

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