Friday, 18 February 2011

Radiation from Laptops

As the author of this article, I maybe somewhat removed from my target audience….but one thing is for certain: the following sentence is going to elicit a very visceral, even unpleasant, response from the reader indeed.

Radiation from Laptops
Claims of Radiation from laptops are entirely founded and are totally accurate.

Now before you all begin to panic that you are now condemning yourself to a myriad of radiation related illnesses and disorders such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and early senility, please be aware that the level of Radiation from laptops is extremely minimal indeed. Specifically, one of the saving graces of the average laptop is the nature of its physical design.

Specifically, all laptops by necessity feature a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen as opposed to the former types of monitors which were commonly used in regards to desktop computers: Cathode Tube Ray monitors. The CTR monitors were notorious for the level of radiation they produced and emitted.

LCD screens on the other hand produce trace amounts of radiation, and after careful testing and measuring of the two types of monitors, it was determined that LCD screens produce ten times less the level of radiation than their CTR counterparts.

It is worth noting that many laptops, in the interests of keeping the laptop as portable and as ergonomic as possible, will feature and make use of wireless internet routers/cards to allow the laptop user unfettered access to the internet. If you are unsure as to why this is, take a moment and consider it. The only alternative means of providing internet access to the internet for a computer is through using an Ethernet cable and then directly plugging it into the phone socket. This is just not possible when travelling, or when on a train!

However, just because laptops contain a wireless internet facility, does not mean that the user must be confined to that all the time. Specifically, when you are at home and therefore have easy access to your phone socket, then you can simply make use of an Ethernet cable to provide you internet access and therefore directly reduce the level of radiation you would be exposed to.  

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