Thursday, 10 February 2011

Electromagnetic Radiation Protection

Electromagnetic radiations or electromagnetic fields are the terms that broadly describe exposures created by vast array of wired or wireless technologies like mobile phones, cordless phones, microwave ovens, laptop, computers, televisions, and so many other equipments of daily convenience that have altered the landscape of our lives in countless beneficial ways. However, these technologies were designed to maximize energy efficiency and convenience; not for biological effects on people. But these electromagnetic radiations have harmful effects on human biological system. Various studies, researches have shown growing evidences among scientists and public about possible health risks associated with EMRs. There are many evidences for the direct relationship of various types of cancer, brain tumors, acoustic neuromas, cognitive function disorders, heart diseases and immune function disorders. Moreover, destruction of DNA, blindness, lowered sperm count, and poisonous substances entering the brain have also been linked to the dangerous radiation that is emitted from all electric & electronic gadgets. The ever- increasing damage caused by this radiation can have terrible effect on our future youth.

As per published reports, we need to know that EMR exposure is cumulative; our bodies may withstand a certain amount of radiation, indeed we need to understand that any other toxic source will add to the burden & destabilize the body. So, we need to do all we can to reduce the overall burden while improving the body’s vitality & its immune health.

Keva Industries announces the launch of Keva Anti Radiation product range for the prevention of Electro Magnetic Radiation emitted from all electric & electronic gadgets. This is the revolutionary product for the use of electronic gadget users worldwide. The Proprietary KERT American Technology neutralizes the negative effects of Electro Magnetic Radiations by changing the quality of the field rather than reducing the EMR intensity.

According to Mr. Karan Goel, C.E.O. “Keva Industries”, “the company is providing anti radiation product range for users with their commitment of saving the society from the hazards of invisible Electro Magnetic Radiation. According to him, we have to guard ourselves against the hazards of radiations coming out of cell phones and other electronic devices by reducing our exposure to them, or completely eliminating them from our life-style.”

Due to lack of laws and regulations in India there is no governing body that takes responsibility of this issue and determines the safety limits of radiation or Electromagnetic Radiation protection ways. We have realized this threat and through a range of consumer friendly products we aim to contain and remove this harmful radiation from our society.

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