Friday, 18 February 2011

Why Electricians should check EMR?

We humans are a curious species in that we knowingly and actively place ourselves in danger despite the fact that we maybe fully aware of the risks and perils that a particular thing or event poses to us. Examples of this include the likes of unprotected sexual intercourse, the excessive consumption of fatty foods in the diet, and smoking.

Many of us seem to woefully unaware of the various risks and threats that electromagnetic radiation can pose to our wellbeing which is extremely alarming indeed given the fact that EMR poses a very serious and profound risk to our health.

Why Electricians should check EMR is a topic that any self-respecting homeowner should be aware of, although Why Electricians should check EMR is also something that a business owner should ensure that they devote some time to learning more about as well.

Electromagnetic radiation is so named by virtue of the fact that it emits and is composed of both electric and magnetic currents within it and these two different types of currents will ebb and flow from one another. As they do so, a potential by product of this action on their part is an electrical current which will then automatically pass through any conductor that is within the reach of the radiation.

This in turn directly creates a risk of electrocution which in turn places both animals and humans at the risk of suffering an electric shock and or burn dependent on the intensity of the electrical current that is passing through the conductor.

Thankfully, the actual voltage required to inflict a direct shock to a human or animal is fairly high. However, this does not mean that we can risk becoming complacent and the reason for this is that the electrical current produced by EMR is also fully capable of damaging and affect highly sensitive electrical equipment.

Dependent upon the nature and the function of the electrical equipment this can range from a mere financial headache (simply because the equipment must be replaced) to a far more serious and worrying concern such as in the instance that the equipment is used in a clinical setting.   

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