Sunday, 27 February 2011


Electromagnetic radiation health should be a big concern to each and every one of us whether we think we're being exposed to these waves or not. The reality is we're all being exposed to electromagnetic waves no matter where we live or where we go.
There’s a new wave of technology hitting us all: radio-frequency identification tags. RFID tags are small computer chips that can be implanted and embedded almost anywhere, including in the human body.
Currently, RFID chips are mostly used in objects, such as in our ID cards and in goods that need to be tracked. However, in just a short amount of time we’ll all be encouraged by the banking cabal to allow them to embed microchips into our bodies.
We’ll be told RFID is a great way to eliminate the need to carry ID cards. Or, it’s a great way for parents to keep track of where there children are. But what the banking cabal really want to use RFID for is to transmit data and images into our brains.
You can be assured that once microchips are in our bodies, electromagnetic radiation health will become a huge issue for us as we find ourselves falling under the complete control of the banking cabal.
The American government, at the bequest of their banking cabal puppet masters, has been experimenting with electronic warfare for many years now. Most people have been quick to jump on the bandwagon and support this type of weapon in the name of protecting themselves and this country. This is exactly what the banking cabal have been counting on.
By first creating a crisis of terror in the United States, the banking cabal have been counting on our fear to allow them to do many things. Using electromagnetic waves for warfare is just one of the things we’ve agreed to.
The real reason the banking cabal have gotten us to accept electronic warfare is that when they make the push for using electromagnetic waves in other areas of our lives, we’ll be completely open to the idea. For this very reason we should all be concerned about electromagnetic radiation health issues.


The banking cabal have spent millions of dollars researching the use of RFID chips to control us. They already use propaganda and social engineering to get us to believe what they want. So why stop there?
The banking mafia are building a New World Order in which the only role they want us to play is one of slaves. They want us to make them rich. They want us to do their bidding. But they also need to ensure that there aren’t too many of us around. RFID is one way the banking cabal intend to control the world’s population.
They want to impair us by creating electromagnetic radiation health problems for us. They want thousands of us to get sick, both mentally and physically, so they can reduce the world’s total population count. What better way to control us without our ever knowing it than by transmitting thoughts and feeling into our brains that make us react in certain ways?


Mind manipulation techniques have been around for a long time, whether we choose to believe this or not. But why are the banking cabal so interested in our minds? Because they know the mind is a powerful weapon that can be used against them. They need to be sure of our compliance if they want to achieve world domination.
The time has come for us to wake up and recognize what the banking cabal are doing to us and what they have planned for the future. We need to learn as much as we can about electromagnetic radiation health problems and what they mean for us.
Don’t allow yourself to be convinced that RFID is a new technology we can’t do without. This is exactly what the banking mafia want us to think so they can take the next step and implant RFID microchips in our brains. Say no to mind control before we don’t have the strength to say no at all.

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