Sunday, 27 February 2011

Microwave radiation effects on the male reproductive system of research

Microwave Technology has been widely used in national defense, industrial and agricultural production, transportation, communications,Information industry, medical and scientific Research fields, to the people's work and life has brought many benefits, but they produced microwave radiation has become the human living environment in the major source of pollution. Of microwave radiation on the human reproductive system, not only the family and social tranquility, but also involves the future of mankind. Microwave radiation effects on male reproductive system has become a research hotspot. In this paper, microwave radiation on male reproductive system effects of research are summarized below. 

An epidemiological 

As early as 1943, it has been noted that testicular damage of microwave radiation on the role, but without sufficient evidence. Later, scholars at home and abroad a large number of epidemiological studies found that different frequency, radiation intensity of microwave radiation may have an impact on the male reproductive system. on an infertility treatment centers recruited 218 male patients with unexplained infertility investigation, found that occupational exposure to microwave radiation field is an important risk factor for male infertility. Gracia CR, etc.nine hospitals on the U.S. registered 650 cases of clinical male infertility patients and 698 normal male fertility retrospective case-control study (using a questionnaire survey to estimate occupational exposure levels) and found that occupational exposure to Ray and terminal TV monitors and an association between male infertility patients;  microwave exposure on the 368 male workers of the epidemiological investigation showed that the incidence of loss of libido with the operation of the growth of length of service increased, a clear time - response relationship, sexual dysfunction rate (including loss of libido, impotence, premature ejaculation) with the date the extension of exposure time increased on the environment such as exposure dosage of 001 ~ 1mW/cm2 microwave for 19 military radar operators had semen analysis, study team found that sperm density, activity are abnormal changes. face to face interviews and surveys of 424 married radar operating officer (experimental group) and 204 control group personnel on-site investigations. The results showed that the experimental group the incidence of sexual dysfunction, 238% vs 147%, the differences between the two groups was statistically significant (P <005). The experimental group after the marriage six months, one year of natural conception rates were 138%, 398%, control group were 313%, 496%. Married two years, three years after the natural conception rate in the experimental group was 304%, 125% vs 109%, 61% difference between the groups was statistically significant (P <001). 2 Division of reproductive outcome and no abnormal sex ratio of offspring. That long-term low-intensity microwave radiation on male sexual function have an adverse effect, resulting in pregnant women, the natural time lag, but the pregnancy outcome and offspring health, had no significant effect. DING Xiao-ping et al  by the radar operating officer questionnaire, physical examination and sperm analysis found that automatic radar operating officer with the sperm deformity rate with radar electromagnetic wave frequency, distance, intensity, time and shielding measures in different change and show a dose - response relationship, of which the main bulk of the sperm deformity rate increased, with non-radar operators, the difference was statistically significant (P <001). That long-term by the microwave radiation, less shielding to protect the radar operating personnel, sperm deformity rate increased, but does not affect male fertility. Also found that microwave radiation does not have an impact on the male reproductive system.  such as maternal and child Health through the center of Shanghai two recruited 178 subjects, of which 91 have a Computer exposure history (the most recent two years, an average of 20h per week of exposure to computers), 87 as the control group (no little or no exposure to the history of a computer) to obtain the subjects in the form of a questionnaire survey of exposure and other information on the characteristics, semen samples for semen examination room in masturbation were collected by the subjects and found that exposure group and the control group of sperm parameters (semen volume, sperm activity rate, the intensity of sperm activity, sperm density, etc.) with no significant difference. The reason may be related to exposure to a low power, the shorter. 

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