Friday, 18 February 2011

Ever Wonder to How Much EMR You are Exposed to?

We live in the so called Information Age and this term is used to refer to the fact that even the ordinary person, can find information pertaining to anything and anyone in the world that they so desire. This has quickly proven itself to be something of a double edged sword, primarily due to the fact that the quality of information, as well as its accuracy and credibility is not always guaranteed.

Ever wonder to how much EMR you are exposed to? Then the internet is your best friend in this regard, although you may want to be very careful about how you actually access the internet because the usage of wireless internet cards/routers happen to be responsible for much higher emissions radiation!

Speaking of using the internet for answering the question Ever wonder to how much EMR you are exposed to, one way in which you can use the internet to good use is to check out the various websites that exist on the internet which serve as maps of the various EMR hot-spots within a given geographical area.

It is worth noting that whilst the question “Ever wonder to how much EMR you are exposed to” can be casually dismissed as little more than academic curiosity (the reason for this is that the experts claim that the level of EMR in the average household is not enough to cause a hazard to health), when the same questioned is applied further afield….it takes on a more urgent tone.

Specifically, there are concerns about the potential long term effects that exposure to power lines and broadcasting antennas can have on a person in the long term. In particular, there has been growing fears that young children who have not yet reached or underwent puberty, are at especial risk of the effects of the EMR emitted by these devices.

The issue maybe casually dismissed as nothing more than unfounded fears by some, but the issue is gaining credibility in the various organs of state. Public health bodies along with political entities are now voicing their opinion and calling for major reform.  

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