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Are you affected by electromagnetic radiation hazard?

Research on electromagnetic radiation hazard from common household current at 50-60 Hz range has demonstrated repeatedly that it can cause:
  • serious and sometimes fatal disease
  • major psychological and physical stress
  • and changes in hormones, body weight and blood chemistry
Electromagnetic field induced immune system suppression alone has contributed to a wide range of illnesses and psychological disorders. This has resulted in many suffering, loss of productivity and shortened lives.
Scientists now believe that current epidemic of numerous degenerative diseases including cancer, leukaemia and other immune dysfunctions is not purely coincidental.
They often relate directly to the catastrophic effects of uncontrolled electromagnetic radiation hazard in our ever declining environment.
Ever driven your car under high voltage power line and had your radio sound drowned out by static electricity?
The human body takes the very same kind of punishment at home, in the office and practically everywhere where numerous sources of electromagnetic radiation abound. And the effects of such electromagnetic radiation hazard strike at the very core of our health and well-being.
Dr R.O. Becker, one of the most respected research scientists in the world, stated in his 1985 book, Body Electric, "3 dangers overshadow all others. The first has been conclusively proven: ELF (extremely low frequency) electromagnetic field vibrations at about 30-100 Hz. Even if they're weaker than Earth electromagnetic field, it interfere with the cues that keep our biological cycles properly timed. Chronic stress and impaired disease resistance result."
"Secondly, the available evidence strongly suggests that regulation of cellular growth processes is impaired by electro pollution. The danger is immediate and overwhelming."
"In the long run, however, I believe the ultimate weapon is manipulation of our electromagnetic environment, because it's imperceptibly subtle and strikes at the core of life itself."

Disease A-Z... and illness unlimited from electromagnetic radiation hazard

Scientists now don't question if electromagnetic field cause biological effects. This has been firmly established. Instead, they question what level of harm electromagnetic field causes.
Many health experts now realize that the loss of vitality precedes the loss of health. Individuals lose vitality because of various stresses that adversely affect the biological systems that operate electrically in an electric wave universe.
Man made electromagnetic pollution interferes with body's basic electrical function, shuts down vitality and finally produces disease symptoms.
The human body's biological systems have measurable electromagnetic properties. These are necessary for normal functions of living cells. In some instances, these are measured to detect illness. For example, electro cardiograms measure heart beats and electro encephalograms measure brain wave patterns.
Additional external sources of radiation can interfere with body's functions, causing metabolic disruption of tissues and electrical disruption of cells. This eventually can have profound effects on our central nervous system.
Many studies also linked electromagnetic field exposure with adverse effects including:
  • weakness and fatigue
  • emotional imbalance such as increased anxiety
  • decreased mental function such as mental fatigue
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • and impaired vision.
Animal studies show that electromagnetic radiation hazard on animals caused changes in
  • brain waves - the "firing rate" of brain cells
  • changes in EEGs
  • and lowered behavior scores on repeat testing.
Permanent changes in learning ability have also been documented. And subjects exposed to common 60 Hz fields reported short-term memory impairment.
Electromagnetic radiation hazard also includes chromosomal breaks in microbes and consequently promotes increased mutations and antibiotic resistance in bacteria.
Studies have also linked electromagnetic field exposure to:
  • heart problems
  • nervous disorders
  • birth defects and miscarriages
  • elevated blood glucose levels
  • decreased testosterone levels in men
  • chronic fatigue
  • cataracts
  • nausea
  • and forgetfulness

Silent electromagnetic radiation hazard in workplace

Electromagnetic field exposure can also cause many other serious physical and psychological abnormalities, like immune disorders and cancer.
A report from US says that 11 or 65 workers of a telephone company developed cancer from electric field generated by a mass of electrical equipment housed in a room adjacent to their office.
A Johns Hopkins University study found that physical therapists exposed to microwave (but not show-wave) diathermy units while pregnant, have an increased risk of miscarriage.
In another study, low birth weight in babies was found in pregnant women who operated electrical equipment when pregnant.
Results from 2 studies conducted in Finland and Los Angeles indicate that people with high occupational exposure to electromagnetic field are at least 3 times as likely to develop Alzheimer's Disease as those without significant exposure.
In some countries today, poor mental health, depression, suicides as well as Alzheimer's Disease have been rising in proportion to the increase of electromagnetic fields appearing in homes and workplaces.

Even bedrooms are unsafe

Many researchers and scientists now feel that electromagnetic field radiation, both inside and outside the bedroom, is the biggest factor in poor sleep and consequently poor health.
One's risk of developing cancer and any number of diseases can be substantially increased by:
  • clock-radio, TV or stereo in the bedroom
  • electrical wiring under the bed
  • power lines just outside the bedroom window
  • or any other electric sources
The TV screen in your room, for example, will radiate energy all night, even after it has been unplugged. It can take hours, or even days, for the built-up voltage in TV to dissipate.
Scientists have established that a simple clock radio or electric alarm clock near your head can radiate electromagnetic field into your brain and body. Outside, high-voltage power lines continually radiate electromagnetic field 24 hours a day.
While you sleep, your body relaxes and is unconscious. In this state of vulnerability, research indicates you are 100-150 times more vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation hazard than when you are awake.
Children are often up to 1000 times more sensitive to these fields when they are asleep.

Children at higher risk

The effects of electromagnetic radiation hazard on children, whose bodies are still growing, is potentially far more serious than those suffered by adults.
According to a study ordered in 1982 by US Navy, alternating electrical and magnetic fields which exist in most living, sleeping and working rooms can produce many types of cancer and other malformations in children (and even suicides).
In what is probably the largest study ever conducted on electromagnetic field exposure, Swedish researchers looked at data of 500,000 people over a 25-year period. In 1992, they announced finding of an increase rate of childhood leukemia, lymphoma and brain tumors.
In the case of childhood leukemia, a 1mG electromagnetic field resulted in twice the risk of developing leukemia, a 2 mG exposure resulted in 3 times the risk, and 3 mG exposure resulted in 4 times the risk.

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