Monday, 28 March 2011

Official protocol of electromagnetic radiation testers in Israel

The official measurement protocol was created by the Israeli ministry of environment protection and all radiation testers in Israel are obligated to follow it. The environmental protection ministry supervise environmental sources of radiation like mobile phone towers and therefore this protocol is meant to measure these kind of sources (that are located in the environment) even when the measurement is done inside the house. The environmental protection ministry will allow the tester to step outside the protocol, if the customer requests it, but the outcomes of these measurements can't be included in the official report but only as an appendix. 

Protocol's instructions

High – all measurements should be taken at the height of one meter above the floor, in case there is an under floor heating it is allowed to measure 20 cm above the floor. 
Location – the tester must measure in four corners of the room, one meter from the walls and also at one point in the middle of the room. The tester can also measure radiation levels in more locations in the room but he is not obligated to do so. If the room is too small for several measurements, the test should measure only in the middle of it. 

Don't measure next to windows or radiation sources. 

The outcomes that appear in the official report are sometimes average calculations of the measurements that were done in the field. I think that this method does not give the whole picture and can cause, in some cases, disinformation especially when the costumer wants to identify the radiaiton sources inside and outside the house and in case he wants to understand where, when and what where the highest levels. 

Room background test 
When you need to test the electromagnetic radiation background levels inside a room you better start with the official protocol above. You need to stay one meter from the walls windows doors and radiation sources inside the room. This kind of measurement can show you the background levels inside the room. It is recommended to use an advanced electromagnetic radiation meter that gives a numeric indication of the radiation in all three axis, with fast sampling rate and with a clear and detailed display. A simple electromagnetic radiation meter can give you only a raw estimation of the levels. It is recommended to repeat this measurement twice, once with the radiation sources (cordless phones, WIFI routers, a CRT TV and etc) inside the house turned on and the second time when they are turned off. Analysis of these measurment outcomes can show you what the background radiation levels in the room are, and how the radiation sources affect these levels. If you want to understand the effect a single source has on the background levels in the room you can also repeat the test when only this source is turned on. 

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