Saturday, 5 March 2011

BioShield EMF Protection

This pendant shield is one product I highly recommend for electromagnetic protection from devices such as: cell phones, computers, televisions, etc. It even serves to protect your energy field from other people. Numerous studies have shown that electromagnetic pollution affects our health in a variety of ways. There are many articles about the dangers of EMF along with claims that most all people are highly sensitive to these frequencies. Therefore, it makes  perfect sense to do what we can to protect ourselves, and in my opinion, wearing the shield is an easy way to do this. There is absolutely nothing to lose by trying it. The company is confidant folks will be satisfied – all  shields have a 90-day 100% money back guarantee – no questions asked – no hassle. This 90-days provides ample time for a customer to test their product, and the majorities that do are completely satisfied.
My Shield Experiences and Review
I discovered the shield back in 1995, or maybe I should say I was led to it back in 1995. A few friends asked me to accompany them to New York to attend what used to be the “Whole Life Expo.” For those that are not aware, this Expo is much like an annual new age flea market that takes place in a few major cities. Various speakers, authors, and vendors from different parts of the world come to present and promote just about everything you can imagine relating to alternative lifestyles. For the most part, I do not enjoy or even like shopping. I tend to know exactly what I want but locating this is another story, so taking a two-hour drive from the Philadelphia area to go window-shopping in New York was not at all appealing to me. However, something about this event pulled me and I opted to go for the ride.
The Expo was a mob scene and I couldn’t tell you what all was there. As soon as we entered the room, I felt a strong pulling energy coming from somewhere. My friends said it was like I was on a mission careening down the isles – I paid no attention to any of the vendors until we landed in front of the shield table, which was my first stop. At that time, the company only had the silver shield with brass tabs, which was pretty and did speak to me on a feeling level. But I had no intention of buying anything and had taken no money with me. For whatever the reason, I kept lingering, asking questions and listening to the answers. Part of me wanted to buy the product, but that other part – the healthy skeptic kept whispering, “If something sounds too good to be true it probably is.” In the end, the 90-day money back guarantee is what ultimately convinced my skeptical left-brain that I had nothing to lose by trusting my feeling right brain.
After the alleged magical pendant purchase, I still felt a pulling energy that had me shooting past more vendors, and making a few turns before hitting the Tae-eul-ju Healing Meditation. Seeing the practitioners working the chi energy along with feeling this energy from a distance stopped me dead in my tracks. There was no doubt in my mind that this work had been the major energy pull to New York, and it would have me traveling back and forth to learn more. Before leaving the Expo, I obtained an aura image of the energy field surrounding my body before I began undergoing the Tae-eul-ju teacher training and wearing the shield. (For the record, it is a known fact that a strong spiritual discipline serves to heal and protect our energy field. Therefore, I am inclined to believe the Tae-eul-ju practice healed my energy field and the shield provided extra protection.)
My 4 Experiences
  1. Within 24 hours of purchasing the shield, I went shopping at a local health food store where I encountered a woman not having a good day. If looks could kill then I would have disintegrated on the spot. However, something strange happened. I actually felt the energy from this woman come flying towards me and then stop maybe four to six feet in front of me. The energy seemed to hit a wall rather than come straight into me. I wondered if the shield had something to do with my heightened sense of feeling, and had it diverted her negative energy?
  2. The second experience occurred when I was running late for my Tae-eul-ju class in New York. I was not paying attention to the slower moving drivers and was flying down the road at 90-95 miles per hour. Talk about an altered state – my heart nearly stopped when I passed a police car with a radar gun hanging out the window. I was sure he had nailed me and kept looking in my rear view mirror, but no flashing lights came on. I looked down and saw the shield hanging around my neck, and wondered… On my way home from this class, I again did not notice the other drivers as I was speeding down the road at at 90-95 miles per hour. I passed another police car and escaped yet another ticket. I might have been lucky the first time but twice in one day really had me wondering – maybe the shield was a ticket beater? I do know that I always managed to carry at least one speeding ticket on my record, but none since the shield. (I am knocking on wood right now!  )
  3. My CranioSacral Therapy integrative healing practice also involves empathic abilities to feel in my body what is going on in whatever body my hands are on. I had no problems when working with animals but this ability created a bit of a challenge when it came to blocking my resonance with humans. It was not uncommon for me to work on someone, and then several hours later begin to process whatever had been going on in my client’s body. The feeling usually became amplified as the energy worked its way through my body, which was an aspect of my work that did not always feel good and did present some discomfort at times. Throughout the years, others had provided various grounding and blocking techniques that did serve to help, but I can honestly say nothing worked like the shield and without hindering my empathic abilities.
  4. The final experience concerned a massive amount of computer work. After teaching myself how to design the Universal Healing Systems website, a few others began requesting my design services. I initially enjoyed the work – it was much like figuring out a puzzle as I hacked these sites out. Not to mention, the money was great too! But I am much like a dog with a bone when it comes to completing projects and was not inclined to subscribe to those recommended computer breaks. There were many nights when I worked straight through and didn’t close down until sunrise. After several months of swinging like a pendulum – one of my eyes began to speak to me about this imbalance. It became quite painful, and usually forced me to stop working. However, the shield came to the rescue and proved to be a great asset. It enabled me to work longer – my eye did not give out as quickly, which allowed me to keep on swinging way out to the right and then way out to the left before finally coming back to that balanced center.
There are more stories that could be told but there is no point in trying to sell this product, because it either speaks to you or it doesn’t. So here ends my little sales pitch. Bottom line – the company claims their shield utilizes a combination of quantum physics and a precision matrix of natural living crystals to create Earth Resonance Technology, (ERT) which creates a resonant energy field that blends with your energy to protect, strengthen, and balance it.


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