Monday, 28 March 2011

Searching for radiation sources in a room:

All types of electromagnetic radiation meters, even the simplest ones, can be used for searching radiation sources in a room (the meter should be for the same type of electromagnetic radiation as the source emits, either high frequency-RF or low frequency). All you have to do is to scan the room step by step, meter by meter. Whenever the meter shows an increase in the radiation levels that means that you are getting close to a source. If the radiation levels are dropping you are getting away from the source. It is recommended to use a meter with voice indication that makes it easier to notice changes in the radiation levels without looking on the meter’s display. 

Scan key points: 
  1. Scan in the room 3 times, once on the floor, a second time at one meter high and then at the hight of a human being’s head. 
  2. The scan should include all the parts of the room. 
  3. Use a clear scanning pattern that was planned before the test started (from center to the walls, or from one side of the room to the other side. 

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