Friday, 11 March 2011

Why EMF pollution is the quick road to human extinction

We now live in a sea of dangerous and deadly EMF pollution that we cannot sense and has never before existed on Earth.
In some urban areas today, microwave and related electromagnetic radiation is estimated to be 1 billion times more than those naturally exists in environment.
This massive onslaught of new electromagnetic radiation is causing stress, disease, and other destructive effects over the world by interfering with the most basic levels of body cells especially human brain.

Human brain loves natural frequency

Specifically, human brain and brains of all living things evolve. It has been regulated over a period of 3 billion years by Earth's naturally-occurring narrow band extreme low frequency radiation, commonly known as ELF.
Throughout history, this narrow range of frequency occurred only in the 1-30 Hz range and was produced by natural resonance of Earth's surface. The only other electromagnetic radiation of any magnitude was in the 1,000 Hz range, which is produced during lightning discharges in storms.
The remainder electromagnetic spectrum was empty. There was nothing there.

But now the spectrum is no longer empty

It does not require great insight to realize that the vast new spectrum of electromagnetic radiation unleashed on humanity in the last 100 years is overwhelming. These are highly destructive and disruptive on a scale unprecedented over a period of 3 billion years.
If we include the secret use of electromagnetic radiation to influence psychological behavior and health of human beings by military and even the advertising industry today (!), the epidemic of EMF exposure facing humankind now is even more alarming.

Man-made radiation scientist reveals

Dr Robert O. Becker is one of the most respected research scientists in the area of man-made radiation. In his highly acclaimed 1985 book, Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life, he cautions that human is hastening their own extinction with artificial radiation.
"We're dealing here with the most important scientific discovery ever, the nature of life. Even if we survive the chemical and atomic threats to our existence, there's a strong possibility that increasing electro pollution could set in motion irreversible changes leading to our extinction before we're even aware of them."
"All life pulsates in time to Earth. And our artificial fields cause abnormal reactions in all organisms. Magnetic reversals may have produced the "great dying" of the past by disrupting the biocycles that causes stress, sterility, birth defects, malignancies, and impaired brain function."
"Human activities may well have duplicated in 3 decades what otherwise would have taken 5,000 years to develop during the next reversal. Somehow these dangers must be brought into open so forcefully that the entire population of the world is made aware of them."

German medical doctor reveals

Manfred Kohnlechner is a German medical doctor. In his book Man Does Not Die in August, he described the effects of modern communication system installation on the health of inhabitants of a rural area in Bavaria.
Up to the time of installation, residents' health was incredible, comparing favorably to the health and longevity of Hunza people.
Within 6 months of the introduction of electrical lines and microwave towers essential for telephone, TV and radio communication, these previously healthy people began to die of cancer and heart attacks. They began to have cavities in their teeth. These conditions were unheard of in the past.

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