Friday, 11 March 2011

Why man-made electromagnetic radiation is more harmful

Man-made electromagnetic radiation can be harmful. Sources are from:
  • underground and overhead electric power cables
  • cooking devices
  • televisions
  • radios
  • and mobile phones
In an article "Stress from Current and Radiation" (Consciousness Magazine, December 1991), Wolfgang Maes Explains why.
"Artificial electromagnetic fields from high-tension lines have nothing in common, in quality or quantity, with natural terrestrial (sources in the Earth's crusts) magnetic field. There is no comparison possible!"
"The power from the Earth is without any frequency. That means it is static. It has balanced, harmonious field strengths. It has obviously positive consequences for all life during the millions of years of its development. It stimulates all of the natural processes in a miraculous way. It is part of your order and quality of life."
"The magnetic power from electric current works with a frequency of 50 or 60 Hertz. It has an unbalanced, a disharmonious, and always heavily-changing field strength, from minute to minute and from day to day. It is a brand new part of our modern world that causes a totally disorder of life."

Greatest threat: Low-level electromagnetic radiation

The various types of electromagnetic radiation that exist in our midst have been documented on electromagnetic spectrum chart.
This electromagnetic spectrum begins at a frequency of 1 Hertz (Hz), which is 1 wave per second. Other frequency includes:
  • A band of extremely low frequencies (ELF): 3-3,000 Hz (Source: electrical power lines, Visual Display Units (VDUs) and domestic appliances)
  • Very low frequencies (VLF): 3,000-30,000 Hz or 3-30 kHz. (Source: navigation devices/ equipment, VDUs, domestic appliances)
  • Radio frequencies (RF): 3,000 to 1 billion Hz or 3 kHz to 1GHz. (Source: radio, TV, mobile phones, VDUs, domestic appliances)
  • Microwaves (MW): Microwave ovens operate at 2,400,000,000 Hz (Source: radar, VDUs, microwave ovens)
  • Infrared (IR) - Source: Sun, VDUs
  • Visible light (VL) - Source: Sun, VDUs
  • Ultraviolet (UV) - Source: Sun, VDUs
  • X-rays - (a) soft x-rays - Source: medical X-rays, VDUs (b) hard X-ray - Source: nuclear fallout
  • Gamma rays - Source: nuclear fallout
Of the above, the lower-level types of electromagnetic radiation (ELF and VLF); also known as pulsed electromagnetic fields, have the most potential to cause harm. Of equal concern are microwaves (MW) and radio frequency (RF).

ELF & VLF: May cause cancer

Health problems in workplace thought to be associated with ELF exposure were first reported in a group of Russian electrical switchyard workers in the 60s. This created widespread scientific interest.
In the late 70s and early 80s, reports suggesting a link between ELF residential exposures and cancers heightened public anxiety. Following these early reports, extensive international research programs were initiated.
Scientific evidence confirms that electromagnetic radiation of such low frequencies can cause observable effects like:
  • Changes in heart and brain.
  • Observed changes in human cells exposed to these frequencies could promote cancer under certain circumstances.
  • Some studies show widespread deformities and deaths in chicken embryos. This indicates that birth defects and deaths in human offspring may be similarly affected. Swedish tests on cells taken from women showed the same disruptive effects.
A 1990 draft report from US Environmental Protection Agency described ELF magnetic fields as "probable human carcinogens". Although the final version excluded this phrase, a subsequent report in 1994 also warned of a link between cancer and ELF fields.
Many scientists today feel that some areas of ELF radiation still cannot be measured accurately because the electrical instruments used to measure emissions can interfere with the frequencies they measure.
Long-term injury and irreversible damage
Former USSR and Czechoslovakia did some full-scale investigations into the health of thousands of people exposed to radio frequency (RF) and microwave radiation (MR).
They found that electromagnetic radiation could penetrate right through the human body, causing electrical non-thermal effects capable of long-term injury and irreversible damage.
Some of the adverse health effects include:
  • Changes in brain and central nervous system
  • Effects on eyes, including cataracts
  • Changes in chemistry of blood and circulatory systems
  • Cardiovascular problems (heart and blood vessels)
  • Metabolic changes in tissues
  • Conditioned reflex behavior
  • Cancer (including leukemia)
  • Disruption of cells
  • Changes in immune system (resistance to disease)
  • Adverse effects in male reproductive system (reduced sperm count, erection and ejaculation problems, birth deformities, stillbirths, and decreased libido or sexual drive)
  • Adverse effects in female reproductive system (disruption of menstrual cycle, adverse reproduction and development of offspring, miscarriages, birth deformities, stillbirths, and decreased sexual drive)

New electromagnetic radiation threat from mobile phone

In the more modrn mobile phone systems, electromagnetic radiation signals are not sent out continuously like radio waves, but in pulses. This pulsed transmission is a particular feature of the latest GSM (global system for mobiles) technology, which is now rapidly becoming the standard in Europe.
According to physicist Dr Gerald Hyland of Warwick University and the International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss, Germany, these pulse rates have serious biological effects.
"The pulses happen to be close to some of brain's own electrical and electrochemical rhythms. Since these are involved in the control and regulation of bioprocesses essential to well being, it is reasonable to anticipate that functionality of the body will be impaired." 
Russian research reveals that low frequencies of GSM pulsing are close to those at which human mood and behavior can be influenced. This ranges from depression and docility to rage.
In one study, pulsed radio frequency waves significantly increased calcium in brain cells. Calcium is involved in the release of neurotransmitters. Any disturbance in usual ration could disturb the balance of chemicals in brain, with repercussions in nervous and immune systems.
Pulsed frequencies also increase levels of the brain enzyme ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) which can promote tumors in high levels/
They also cause over-expression of heat shock proteins (HSPs). These stress proteins are called upon when the body undergoes environmental stress.
HSPs also act like traffic police in each cell, making sure that proteins are where they should be, and that old proteins are disposed of. Most significantly, they help the immune system recognize diseased cells for disposal.
When over-expressed, these proteins are believed to block apoptosis (programmed cell death). This could also have the effect of promoting cancer. 

Sick & healthy waves

Every living thing on this planet is constantly bathed in electromagnetic radiation produced by Earth itself. However, these natural fields are mostly DC (direct current) in nature (also called static fields) and life has evolved in their presence.
The Earth's fields produce no health hazards because we are used to them. What potentially dangerous is human-created fields in the 50-60 cycles per second (50-60 Hz) range.
Human beings usually operate at frequencies between 2 and 12 Hz. Normal household current is 50-60 Hz and is thus completely incompatible and disruptive to body's natural electric frequency range, neural transmission system, and its sensitive neuro-chemical equilibrium.
According to Professor W. Ross Adey, a biologist with over 35 years experience in electromagnetic radiation effects, exposure to external frequencies of 1-30 Hz can physiologically interact with the brain, even at very low-power densities.
A light flashing at about 15 Hz can induce seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. Yet, many electrical items we use daily are in a higher frequency band. For example:
  • Microwave ovens operate at 2,400,000,000 Hz.
  • Digital mobile phones use a frequency of about 900 megahertz (MHz) for the GSM (Global System Mobile) system, and 1,800 MHz for the PCN (Personal Communication Network) system. Both fall in the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum. If phone signal is "pulsed", the main frequency "carries" another signal at 217 Hz which generates a regular, low frequency pulsing effect into the brain.


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