Tuesday, 22 March 2011

EMR & EMF - A Threat to Health

The importance of being informed regarding chronic, prolonged EMF/EMR (electromagnetic radiation/electromagnetic fields) exposures, particularly nighttime exposures, can not be over-emphasized. Sleeping with an electric clock on a nightstand or the headboard of one's bed, or sleeping close to the powerwall (inside wall opposite electric or gas meter),  can significantly lower immune function, which may predispose persons to every health problem from poor sleep to cancer.  Electric currents and pulsating magnetic fields are known to disrupt cell signaling which may be linked to autism, Alzheimers and other neurodegenerative disorders.    
Children (and others) are suffering and even dying due to health problems that can, in many cases,  be greatly reduced by simply providing distance between beds and electric appliances -- numerous types, including electric and gas meters, some telephone equipment, transformer boxes for cordless phones, electronic games, cell phones, etc.  Security alarms, carbon monixide detectors, intercoms, monitors, small fans, touchlamps, lamps with dimmer switches, aquarium pumps and heaters, noise machines, air purifiers, electric blankets, heating pads, heated mattress pads are some other items that should not be close to persons all night long.  Even too much light in a room, including leaving a TV set on all night may disrupt sleep and therefor, "circadian rhythm" which, in turn, may trigger symptoms due to electromagnetic pollution.   The wall of the room adjacent to bedroom wall should be checked for refrigerators, microwave oven clocks, stoves with clocks, computers, TV's and more.    Electric items close to beds -- particularly distances closer than 3 ft. induce currents on metal bedframes, metal mattress springs and metal headboards. 
Some of the symptoms being reported as ES/EHS (electrosensitivity/electro-hypersensitivity) -- which I prefer to call "EMF/EMR-related toxicity," are poor quality sleep or inability to sleep, asthma, sinus infections, ear infections, headaches, depression, difficulty concentrating, memory problems and learning disorders, behavioral problems, muscle aches and pains, fatigue, lack of energy, irritability, heartburn/reflux problems -- literally, any symptom.   Many persons are reporting these symptoms and diseases including heart problems, M.S., Type II diabetes, various cancers and more as being related to close proximity to cellular antennae, radio towers and high voltage transmission lines.  Brain tumors, malignant and benign, are being linked to heavy cell phone usage.  There is an urgent need for scientific focus on studies re "close,  chronic, prolonged, low level EMF/EMR exposures -- particularly at night -- in order to begin to establish possible safe distances or at least "recommended distances......"     High frequencies on electrical wiring in homes and schools as well as grounding problems are other issues requiring urgent attention.   Filters and remediation measures re grounding are being reported as helping to reduce some health problems.
The mitochondria are the principal energy source of the cell. Chronic, prolonged EMF/EMR exposure, particularly at night, appears to be be a "primary adverse event" that interferes with restoration of one's circadian rhythm partly due to resultant increase in cortisol levels (stress), reduced oxygen to the cells and reduced production of Melatonin (necessary for healthy, restorative sleep as well as youthful energy levels and delaying the aging process itself). EMF/EMR-related toxicity also promotes chronic, extracellular and intracellular inflammation that is indicative of aging, and is known to be a precursor of precancerous changes.

Two of our infant/toddler grandsons (cousins) were diagnosed with "rare immune deficiencies" -- low IgG subclasses 1 and 3 -- only a definition, hypogammaglobulinemia -- "no name" for their rare disease(s). I discovered both boys' beds were close to electric meters (powerwalls) -- adjacent to location of electric meters in their respective homes. The boys "got well" after replacing waterbeds with regular beds and placing their beds against different walls. We were told the boys may develop Leukemia, Lymphoma, stomach or colon cancers. I later learned the reason the boys' immune deficiencies were rare is because that combination of low IGG subclasses applies to adults. This means the boys' cells were aging!

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