Monday, 28 March 2011

Radiation form microwave ovens

The microwave oven can be found in almost every kitchen in the modern world. Microwave ovens use the heating effect of electromagnetic radiation (in the frequency of water molecules) to heat the fluid in the food and, by that, to heat the food itself. The frequency used in microwave is around 2.4 GHz and it is similar to the frequencies used for communication, cellular and DECT phone. When a microwave oven is on, part of the radiation goes through the protection shield-filter, that is part of the microwave oven door, and spread into the room. The part of the radiation that escapes from the oven is relatively small, and can't cook our body during the short time it is on, but it is definitely not recommended to look into the oven for several seconds (possible damage to the eye protein) or even stay in the kitchen when the microwave oven is on.

Just for comparison, In Israel when a radiation tester tests a microwave oven, the oven will be considered "safe to use" if at a distance of five centimeters from the door the tester will measure radiation level of 5000 micro watts per square centimeters (the Israeli standard, which is very high, for cellular antenna radiation level is about 42 micro watts square centimeters.
In addition, microwave oven, like most electrical appliances, emits low frequency electromagnetic radiation in the electrical network frequency of 50 Hz. This low frequency radiation is emitted all the time the microwave oven is connected to the electricity network. The microwave oven, low and high frequency, electromagnetic radiation emission must be taken into account when deciding about the device location in the house (not near people) and it is recommended to pull it out of the electric supply when not in use.

Low frequency Electromagnetic radiation from a microwave ovenMicrowave oven
High frequency Electromagnetic radiation from a microwave oven

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