Monday, 28 March 2011

Tips For Cell Phone Radiation Protection

There has been much discussion about the prevalence of cancer and cell phone usage. Several studies have demonstrated a relationship to the number of cell phone users who develop brain or eye cancer. Other studies produce different results. It is evident though that all electrical devices, including cell phones, emit some type of electrical impulse. These impulses play a role in a persons overall health. These health problems could include headaches and high blood pressure.

It is best to institute some precautions to ensure better health not to mention peace of mind. These tips for cell phone radiation protection can help reduce exposure. The first and probably most important tip one can implement is reducing the length of calls and limiting the number of calls from a cell phone. Protection from cell phone radiation has been seen by shortening the length of phone calls. The reason for this is that even a short two minute phone call has caused electrical impulses in the brain to be interrupted for an hour after the call. A person who limits the amount of cell phone use is reducing the exposure to this radiation.

Many cell phone users switch to using ear piece headsets as cell phone protection from radiation. However, it is recommended that air tube headsets be used. The reason for this is that the wire in wired headsets increases the amount of EMF radiation because it acts like an antenna. An air tube does not intensify the amount of the radiation received in the ear canal.

Much technological advancement has helped develop devices which offer protection from cell phone radiation. Companies have participated in extensive research to create innovative devices which help to protect a cell phone user from electrical impulses. These devices work by strengthening ones bioenergy field as well as the immune system. These are increasing in numbers because many people are purchasing them not only to ward off the emissions of their own electrical devices, but also second hand emissions.

Another useful tip for protection from cell phone radiation is to keep the phone out of range from the lower portion of the body. The reason for this is that the lower body is a good conductor and as such can absorb EMF emissions more than other parts of the body. Therefore, to increase protection from cell phone radiation the phone should be kept away from the lower body while it is in use or turned on.

These helpful tips can serve as protection from cell phone radiation. EMF radiation can be harmful so taking precautions is important.

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