Monday, 28 March 2011

Electromagnetic radiation from voltage transformers

Two types of voltage transformers are available today in the market, classic and electronic. The classic voltage transformer is based on two coils raped against a magnetic core. The ratio between the two coils is the ratio between the input voltage and the output voltage. The electronic voltage transformer consists on several small coils, capacitors, electronic parts and an electronic board.

The classical voltage transformer way of work is fully based on electromagnetic fields and while operating it emits high levels of electromagnetic radiation in the frequency of the input voltage. In most cases an electric voltage transformer emits less electromagnetic radiation than a classical voltage transformer.
The higher the current that flows via the voltage transformer wires, the higher the radiation it emits. It is recommended to keep a safe distance of one meter away from a classical voltage transformer and a half meter away from an electronic voltage transformer.

 Electronic voltage transfromersElectromagnetic radiation from electronic voltage transfromer 

Electromagnetic radiation from electric motors

An electric motor is based on the principle of magnetic fields. In all electric motors you will find magnetic core and coils. Every Electric motor emits electromagnetic radiation. The radiation levels are higher when the motor power and load are higher. You can find electric motors in every home, office and factory. You can find electric motors in a refrigerator, air-conditioning systems, an aquarium and ponds filters, air pumps, fans, washing machines, sewing machines and lots of other every day home appliances.

You can find a small electric motor even in clocks (analog), and around it you there will be an electromagnetic radiation field that can be measured by a very simple meter.
From a home used electric motor it is best to keep one meter of safety distance. In industrial motors you better keep more safety distance, or try to install some electromagnetic radiation shielding since their working current and the radiation they emit can be a very high (much higher than most home electric motors).
 Air condition Electric motor in Air Fan


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