Monday, 21 March 2011

The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Evolution

The electromagnetic spectrum consists of energy vibrating at various rates from a single vibration per second to billions of vibrations per second. The term frequency is used to describe this vibration and is measured in cycles per second or Hertz. The frequency of electricity used for lights and power is 60 Hertz. AM radio frequencies are 55,000 to 160,000 Hertz. FM radio runs from 88 million (mega) Hertz to 180 mega Hertz. Television is higher. Cellular phones are 900 million to 1.9 billion Hertz. Microwave ovens are 2.5 Billion Hertz.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Evolution

Before man, the electromagnetic spectrum was nearly empty of energy. The Extra Low Frequencies (ELF) part of the electromagnetic spectrum was filled by resonant vibrations between the Earth's surface, its magnetic field and the ionosphere (1 to 30 Hertz). The only other energy in this low range of the spectrum was produced by lightning (1000 Hertz).

All life began and evolved in this relatively constant and low level radiation environment over the past 3 billion years. It is significant that major body organs and brain wave vibration patterns of all animals and humans lie in the 1 to 30 Hertz ELF range, as do the resonant frequencies of the Earth.

It seems reasonable to assume that basic body and brain functions are likely regulated by naturally occurring ELF radiations. How might these functions be affected by man's more re-cent introduction of much stronger ELF energies? 

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