Monday, 28 March 2011

Searching for radiation source from other rooms

When searching for radiation sources outside the room we should focus on the border areas of the room with other spaces of the house (other rooms and floors) and with the outside, like walls, windows, doors, rooftops and underground spaces. 
When there is a high level radiation source outside the room, the first sign for that will be medium to high radiation background levels inside the room itself. 


  • When there is a high current electric wire inside the wall, the low frequency that is created around the wire will penetrate the room. If you scan the wall, verticaly and horizontaly, with a Low frequency electromagnetic meter the meter will show high radiation levels near the wire, and will enable you to expose the wire as the radiation source. 
  • In case there is a DECT base station next to the wall in the next room, the first signs will be medium to high levels of high frequency radiation inside the room. When the right wall will be scanned the radiation levels will increase as the meter will be closer to the DECT phone location, until it will reach the maximum measurement. 
  • In some cases when there is a radiation source in the next floor or in the floor below, there will be high radiation levels next to the ceiling or floor. 
  • When there is a high frequency radiation source outside the house, for example a mobile phone mast, the meter will show high levels of high frequency electromagnetic radiation mostly next to the window, and in some cases even on the wall which are in the direction of the mobile phone mast. 
  • When there is a low frequency radiation source in the near vicinity of the house (like an external electric power convertor or high voltage electric power wiring) you will be able to measure high levels of extreme low frequency electromagnetic radiation in parts of the rooms of the house which are close to it (low frequency electromagnetic radiation passes easily via walls). 
  • When there is a CRT TV on the other side of a wall you will be able to measure high levels of low frequency electromagnetic radiation in the room, the pick will be on the wall next to the location of the TV (on the other side). 
  • When there is an external radiation source outside the room that radiates in medium or low levels, for example a wifi router or a small power convertor, it will be difficult to locate the source by doing measurments in the room next door. In order to do so you will need to use a very sensitive and accurate advanced electromagnetic meter with a detailed display. In this case it is recommend taking a look inside the rooms next door in order to get some clues for the radiation source that can influence the measurement. 
 Sleeping bed. Low frequency radiation sources from the bed sides and from the next room are marked in red.
 Living room with an aquarium filter, a TV and some audio and video equipment. LFE radiation sources are marked in red. The radiation emitted reaches the next room (see pictures above).
Kitchen ELF source is marked in red.

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