Monday, 21 March 2011

House Electrical System Radiations

TransformersThe house electrical system vibrates at 60 cycles per second in the Extra Low Frequency (ELF) part of the electromagnetic spectrum. We describe house electricity as being AC (alternating Current). Electricity produces both an AC Magnetic and an AC Electric field. These together are termed electromagnetic radiation or EMR (sometimes referred to as EMF). Since EMR cannot be sensed by most people, instruments must be used to find and reduce the fields. Magnetic fields are present when current flows in a wire to power appliances and lights. Magnetic fields are also produced by transformers. The little boxes you plug into the wall to power (or recharge) certain types of electronic equipment is a transformer. All electronic equipment uses a transformer either internally or externally. So long as a transformer or the equipment is plugged in it will radiate a very strong Magnetic Field. This field decreases rapidly as you move away from the transformer so that at four feet the field is 1/16th as strong as it was next to the device. 

Electric fields are present at all times so long as a wire is energized. Electric fields are emitted by the wiring in the walls, floors and ceilings and by the cords to appliances, lamps, clocks, and electronic equipment. As soon as the device is unplugged the electric field from the wire disappears. However, for all wiring that is still energized- and this is most of the wiring in the house- the electric field output is continuous. 

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