Friday, 11 March 2011

EMF effects on your body cells

Human beings are an open "radio system" made up of varying electromagnetic frequencies that naturally interact with all natural and man-made external energies. These energies play a large part in our health and well being.
When we interact with natural and balanced energies such as Earth electromagnetic field, we reinforce the natural balance within our own energy system, our cells and our DNA.
When exposed to man-made frequencies, our body absorbs and stores such energy fields. These are unnatural and chaotic electromagnetic field such as microwaves.
It can weaken our immune system and ultimately lead to illness.

Human body is a complex machine

It contains some 200 quintillion* cells which operate electrically and work like a system of generators, inductance lines and insulators. (*200 quintillion is the number 200 followed by 18 zeros.)
This electrical energy plays an important role in the growth and functions of human body. Our body's internal electrical circuits are "switched on" by an injury, infection, tumor or normal activity of body's organs.
To put it simply, our physical bodies is actually formed and developed from invisible electro vibratory fields which control the creation of new cells to replace those injured, worn out, or die from diseases or environmental poisoning.

Controlling body functions

In other words, subtle energy field of the body provides instructions for reproduction, division, and function of all cells for optimum health. Scientists found that electromagnetic radiation can adversely affect the physiological and other vital living processes. More complex organism has greater electromagnetic sensitivity.
Since human is the most complex, we are the most affected by electromagnetic field. In fact, our cells are an "electromagnetic resonator" capable of emitting and absorbing radiations of every frequency.

Your body cell is a receptive antenna

Each cell in our body contains positive and negative charged elements that are kept in a balance on the inside and outside of cell wall.
Electromagnetic, ELF (extremely low frequency) and microwave radiation disturb and disrupt this critical balance. It plays havoc with the millions of electrical impulses our body uses to regulate all cellular activity.
The random and unorganized photons radiating from these fields also act as electromagnetic "free radicals" (cancer inducers), which are often stored in cells as significant electrostatic charges. This can cause major dysfunction at body's cellular, molecular, and atomic levels.
In his book, The Secret of Life, French scientist and bioelectric pioneer Georges Lakhovsky explains, "The nucleus of a living cell may be compared to an electrical oscillating circuit. This nucleus consists of tubular filaments, chromosomes and mitochondria, made up of insulating material and filled with a conducting fluid containing all the mineral salts found in sea water."
"These filaments are thus comparable to oscillating circuits endowed with capacity and self inductance and therefore capable of oscillating according to a specific frequency."
In other words, human body composed of ions, minerals and a high percentage of water, is a strong conductor of energy. Like metal, our body is a very effective antenna structure.
When exposed to its natural frequency, human body will pick up or resonate with that frequency, resulting in good health. This is what happens when two violins are precisely tuned. If the string on one violin is plucked or vibrated, the same string on the other violin will resonate and start to vibrate as well.
When exposed to the wrong frequency, our body's basic cellular system will be in disharmony. And this will result in poor health and all kinds of diseases.
The science of cells
According to Lakhovsky, all living cells such as plants, human, bacteria and parasites possess attributes which normally are associated with electronic circuits. These cellular attributes include "resistance", "capacitance" and "inductance".
These 3 electrical properties, when properly configured, will cause the recurrent generation of high frequency "sine waves" when sustained by a small, steady supply of outside energy of the right frequency. This effect is known as "resonance".
One can compare it with a child swinging on a playground swing: As long as the parent pushes the swing a little at the right moment (the correct frequency), the child will continue to swing high.
In electronics, circuits that generate these recurrent sine waves can be called electromagnetic "resonators". But more commonly they are referred as "oscillators".

Outside electromagnetic interference & disease

According to Lakhovsky, not only all living cells radiate oscillations, they also receive and respond to oscillations from outside sources. This outside source of oscillations is due to cosmic rays which bombard the Earth continuously.
Outside sources of oscillations with similar frequency with our cell will reinforce and strengthen the cell.
However, if these outside frequencies are slightly different, they might dampen or weaken our cell's frequencies. This results in loss of vigor and vitality for that cell. That is why cells of disease-causing organisms within an infected person produce frequencies different from healthy cells.
According to Lakhovsky, cells act like condensers that could store energy. And the cells of all living organisms wage a continual war against microbes in "war of radiations".
If radiations of microbe win, the cell ceases to oscillate at a healthy level. And the cell eventually dies. If cell's radiations are powerful enough to oscillate at a healthy level, the microbe is killed and health is maintained.
Lakhovsky equates health with "oscillatory equilibrium" and disease with "oscillatory disequilibrium".

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