Friday, 11 March 2011

Electromagnetic pollution - A greater threat than other pollutions

Man-made sources of EMF radiation such as power lines, mobile phones, computers, TVs, microwave ovens, radar and radio transmitters provide continuous low-level radiation. It could be the ultimate straw that breaks our delicate immune systems already weakened by chemicals, drugs, poisons in the air, water and food we consume.
Chemical and biological pollutions of man's environment are widely known, admitted and addressed by international health bodies. Unfortunately, electromagnetic pollution threat is often denied and covered up, making public education and protection hard.
What worries us is the continued unlimited expansion of electromagnetic force usage, which like nuclear force and gravity, is considered 1 of the 4 basic forces of the universe today.
As a result, no place left on earth that is free from man-made abnormal electromagnetic radiation.
As technology advances, electromagnetic pollution - the "by-product" of modern technology - can only get worse. It is not known how to provide an electromagnetic pollution-free environment compatible with modern demands for technological conveniences that will further overcrowd the already overcrowded electromagnetic spectrum in our environment.
As some scientists point out, there is no place to hide where electromagnetic pollution is concerned. But there are many things you can do on an individual level to protect yourself.

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